Hi, I’m Katherine, owner of Katy’s Creature Comforts, LLC. Over the past several years, I have devoted most of my time supporting non-profit organizations that support the welfare of animals and their associated human bond interaction. I provided foster care, training, and shelter dog behavior evaluations supporting the efforts of the local service dog organization, Freedom Service Dogs, Inc. FSD provides a second chance at life for abandoned shelter dogs by rescuing and training them to assist people with disabilities. Being an active part of their mission of providing an individual with mobility impairment an animal companion, a greater degree of independence, and enhanced quality of life was one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities I have experienced.

In more recent years, I began to focus on enriching people’s lives by improving human health through animal-assisted therapy. I became a Registered Pet Partner as well as a Licensed Pet Partner Team Evaluator for the Delta Society. I evaluate animal-handler teams by performing the Delta Society standards based 22-exercise evaluation in order to determine whether the team has the capability to safely participate in animal assisted activities or animal assisted therapy programs.

I continue my passion for promoting the animal-human healing interaction and volunteer with my own registered pet partners by visiting local hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms, and libraries. Through Animal Assisted Therapy we have found a way to inspire individuals to be more active participants in their own therapeutic healing. I am committed to increasing the level of awareness of the animal-human bond and continue to keep my love of animals close to my heart.

My passion and love for animals led me to start Katy’s Creature Comforts, a Professional Pet Sitting Service, in an effort to provide others with loving personal care that all of our animal companions deserve. As a fellow pet owner, I know how difficult it is when you need to be away from your pets and your home. Vacations, unexpected business trips, or long days at the office always made it stressful on me as well as my pets. I realize that other pet owners are faced with the same dilemma.

As a Professional Pet Sitter, I offer a great alternative. I will come into your home on scheduled visits and care for your pets while you are away. I will give them attention and loving care right in their own home, so that you can have peace of mind that your pets are being well cared for during your absence.

Due to my constant devotion to animals, it is my goal to channel this energy into the care of your animal companions. I look forward to providing personalized service to you and your animal companions.

Morgan         Honey         Biscuit